23rd of Eleint, 1369DR
Exit the Dungeon
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Game Date: 03.09.01 In Attendance: Bill, Brett, Dave, Ed, Laura, Pat, Tom Brett L. Lambrix

      While the remainder of the party took inventory of the treasure horde and loaded it up for travel, Ike had the exciting pleasure of watching their tied up merchant friend. Max identified a wand of identify, and subsequently used the wand to determine the nature of the found magical items. A few items were distributed, but the bulk of their haul was just loaded into the convenient bag of holding since everyone actually agreed upon one thing: they needed to leave this place right quickly. The merchant (possibly Sembian by the looks of him) agreed to "forget" what he had seen here... for a price. Not a cheap price either, mind you... He must've been Sembian after all. We'll probably never know though, since he took his coin and ran out of the hellish temple.
      Speaking of that hellish temple, the party began to debate as to what should be done with it. The group agreed that the place should be buried, and the combined skills of the Old Man and Zarp located that the most effect means of bringing down the house would be an explosion in the center of the pillared antechamber. Believing that the flasks of alchemist's fire would cause a sufficient explosion, they placed the flasks in the middle of the room, and sent most of the party outside. Attempts to explode the flasks failed, when neither Jess' daggers nor Max's bolts hit their mark. Zarp decided to put on the newly found ring of the ram (at least that's what they hoped the thing was), aimed at the flasks, and issued his command word... only to find himself knocked breathless and thrown back ten feet! Spitting and swearing, the gnome attempted to pull the ring off and throw it away, only to find it wouldn't come off! Realizing that time was becoming as short as he was to begin with, Zarp finally suggested they just set up the age-old rope-over-a-candle-holding-the-flasks rig, and book it out of the evil place.
      Satisfied at the site of the collapsed earth a few minutes later, our band of adventurers headed back to Starpoint. The group seemed to have aged greatly while cleansing that dungeon, so confident and composed they seemed as they strode into the Gallant Stag in Starpoint. They had barely made their time back to reclaim their mounts, a topic of much conversation along the way. Asking what happened when Jallarzi requested the reigns to the Paladin's mount, the stablemaster Alton was abruptly left speechless as she replied, "he met the unfortunate end of a lightning bolt." Without another word, the party mounted their horses and departed for the Town of Seadale.
      Finding lodgings in the various Seadale Inns was no problem, and the party quickly divided up the remaining loot. Jallarzi claimed the Paladin's share of the treasure to be returned to the Chruch of Torm along with his mount and sword. Counting the coins that remained after dividing up the usefull items and selling the rest, our heroes felt it was time that they sought out other, more experienced members of their chosen paths of live... to receive some more advanced training in their fields...

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