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Real-Life Feats

    On 06.01.01, a thread was started on Eric Noah's Message Boards asking what Feats we would have in real life...

Upstate New York Feats, by Dave Rothgery

Snow Immunity [General]
You are skilled at moving through snow, and in piloting vehicles in snow. Because almost all natives have this feat, schools and businesses remain open in snow conditions that others would find crippling.
   Regions: Upstate New York.
   Benefit: You negate up to four points worth of penalties caused by snow.
   Special: This feat does not allow you to pilot a vehicle in snow without the approriate skill unless it can be used untrained.

Disdain City [General]
You are able to convince others that anything produced in New York City has no real value.
   Regions: Upstate New York.
   Benefit: Gain a +4 to haggling checks when attempting to acquire goods or service produced in NYC from non-natives.

Sports Fanaticism [General]
You have a vast supply of knowledge about the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, and SU Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse.
   Regions: Upstate New York (especially Buffalo and Syracuse).
   Benefit: Gain a +2 bonus to knowledge (upstate sports).
   Special: Those from certain parts of the Syracuse sub-region may consider FM-West Gennesee high school lacrosse games and SU-Georgetown basketball games to be of equal importance to the Super Bowl.