Campaign Resources

House Rules Variant and home-brewed rules for our Third Edition Campaign. You didn't think we'd just use it straight out of the book did you?! :)
Character Creation The steps for character creation: from concept to the gaming table.
Creation Points System A system that rewards you for creating a detailed background of your character, which will in turn help bring him/her/it to life!
A word from G.O.D. Miscellaneous collected articles from the Game Operations Director.
Seadale The setting of our first Third Edition Campaign. Seadale is an unusual customized city-state of Sembia. It was originally created with the concept that Sembia was to be left for individual DM's to detail as they wished.
Starspire Keep Starspire Keep is a new and growing city just south of the High Forest in the Savage Frontier of the North. It was founded by the Starwielders Adventurers and is the home to the University of Mystical Arts.
Note: Starspire has not yet reached the development stage that is open to the public. Hopefull launch is late 2001.
Faerunian Time Information on the Calendar of Harptos and the Roll of Years. Includes the complete Roll of Years, links to timelines, and the calendars of our campaigns.
Forgotten Realms
The Official WOTC Forgotten Realms Homepage. Includes the Realmswatch feature, with sneak peaks at the 3e Realms.
Forgotten Realms
The character creation guidelines for 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms characters in the RPGA's Living City campaign. Contains excellent sneak peaks at the 3e Realms.
Forgotten Realms
Survival Guide
The Forgotten Realms Survival Guide from the Wizards of the Coast website. Information to help us make it until the release of the 3e Realms.