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Sir Daniel Drakheim
D&D Stats

      Daniel Drakheim is a paladin of Torm and a member of the Order of the Golden Lion, sponsored by the Temple of Torm's Coming in Tantras. He is best friends with Faithblade Sigmund, and has ties to Duty's Hall in Cormyr.
      Daniel is a well-muscled and good-looking man in his early twenties. His tanned skin and black hair over blue eyes has attracted more than one woman to his side, until they discover he bides by his Order's belief in chastity...
      Sir Drakheim is a good-natured yet quiet man. He does not talk of himself or his past often, but rather enjoys spending time getting to know the people wherever he goes... and has developed a rather distinguished taste for the finer drinks available during his travels! Daniel has never been one to actively atempt to convert folk to his faith, rather he feels that others should discover their deity without outside pressure. However, if his words of Faith serve to spark interest in Torm, Daniel will gladly spend hours discussing his religion. Since joining the Order, he has felt a little caged in his assignment to Seadale. He's looking for a little excitement in his life...